Lookiero is a fashion tech startup that offers an online personal shopper service for women. After two years of massive growth, we are market leaders in Spain, France, UK and we’re currently expanding our business into several other countries. In short, we’re changing the way women are buying clothes, and we rely heavily on technology to make it happen >

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With Lookiero, women receive in their own home clothes that are already curated to fit and surprise. We are putting together the best of the online and offline world in our boxes every day. We’re removing pain points of the fashion industry thanks to our innovative business model by providing a top-level experience for our customers >

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"Are our algorithms predicting the best fit for every user?" >

"Are we offering the best possible experience?" >

"What kind of logistic and technological challenges should we overcome tomorrow?" >

"Is our infrastructure ready to keep delivering happiness to our clients?" >
Are you a great designer, developer, data scientist, sysadmin?

We're looking for talented professionals with different skills and year of experience for our Bilbao office:

Find us at techjobs@lookiero.com and tell us:

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